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Hybrid Netherlands Education Fair in Taiwan


There are more than 15 Dutch top 100 research universities in the world and the most popular universities of applied sciences participating in this education exhibition, providing students and parents with the following services:


On-site activity (1): Consulting booths of universities in the Netherlands


On-site activity (2): Sharing lectures by alumni studying in the Netherlands


On-site activity (3): briefing sessions for universities in the Netherlands


Online activity (1): Simultaneous rebroadcast of the Dutch university briefings on the same day


Online activity (2): On the same day, students and university representatives in the Netherlands will be provided with online consultation calls


We will continue to provide more detailed agendas and information on education exhibition activities, including a list of all participating universities, etc. Please pay attention to the announcement on our fan page. Friends who are interested in learning more about studying in the Netherlands, don't miss this high-quality event!


Date: Saturday, November 21, 2020

Time: 13:30 pm to 21:00 pm

Venue: International Conference Hall, APA Art and Culture Center, Ministry of Education

Address: 1st Floor, Basement, No. 231, Section 2, Jianguo South Road, Da'an District, Taipei City

Organizer: Dutch Education Promotion Association


Students and parents who are interested in participating, please complete the registration online, and we will inform more details of the education exhibition.


Free registration form link:



The Netherlands Education Fair activities are suitable for:


Students and parents who are interested in studying in the Netherlands are welcome to participate. Suitable levels include applications for bachelor's, master's programs, and doctoral research. If you have any questions about sister school exchanges, please come and ask.


Notes for registration:


In order to cooperate with the government's anti-epidemic measures, all participants of this event need to register in advance and fill in the real information in the registration form. Those who fail to complete the registration will not be accepted for admission on the same day.


Other coordination matters:


Although the new crown pneumonia epidemic in Taiwan is currently stable, in order to take into account the needs of epidemic prevention and the needs of students and parents, we will cooperate with the relevant guidelines issued by the Central Epidemic Command Center. The following are the precautions for participating in the event:


(1) As the conference venue cannot maintain social distancing, participants should wear masks.

(2) Participants should take their body temperature and keep their hands clean and disinfected.

(3) This event adopts the real-name system, please fill in the real information in the registration form.

(4) If you have any fever or respiratory symptoms, please do not come to participate in the activity.

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