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Do you want to speak Dutch? DUTCH APPROACH offers learning Dutch courses in Taipei! You can learn Dutch before you travel to the Netherlands, so that you can communicate with new friends in Dutch after you arrive in the Netherlands.


This will make you more immersed in Dutch culture and make it easier to make Dutch friends. Of course, in the learning environment, you can also easily talk to Dutch students and teachers in Dutch.


DUTCH APPROACH is officially launched in 2020 by the representative of the Taipei Office in the Netherlands. It adopts small classes of about 4-8 students and is taught by experienced Dutch native teachers.


DUTCH APPROACH uses efficient teaching methods, so that each of my students can focus and make rapid progress. The classroom is also very convenient, close to Taipei Daan MRT Station.


DUTCH APPROACH offers 4 courses in March, June, September and December each year.


Haven't any experience in speaking Dutch yet? Welcome to join our "Beginner 1" course!


If you already have basic Dutch proficiency, please ask us about the content of the advanced course!


The next course of DUTCH APPROACH will start in the first week of December. Please follow us on Facebook for the latest information:

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