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Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University Rotterdam

Rotterdam School of Management (RSM) is affiliated to Erasmus University Rotterdam. It is located in Rotterdam, the second largest city in the Netherlands and the largest port city in Europe. The "Gate of Europe" is known as the world's largest port. It is also one of the main logistics cities in the Netherlands. Many well-known companies and trade centers of various countries have also established branches here.

Rotterdam School of Management is best known for its innovative research on sustainable business management and its performance in cultivating future leaders of international business. It is the pride of Dutch higher education and is known as the Harvard of Europe in the Netherlands. The Rotterdam School of Management has alumni all over the world, with a number of approximately 34,000.

Rotterdam School of Management has long been ranked first in the Netherlands by the Financial Times in the UK, in the top ten in Europe, and has been ranked in the top 30 in the world for many years. The school’s Master of Business Administration program continues to rank among the top 15 in Europe, and its Management Institute, ERIM, has also consistently ranked among the top five European Institutes. According to the "Global Business School Academic Output Research Report" of Leiden University, Rotterdam School of Management has long been ranked among the top three in Europe. In terms of the number of publications in top international journals, RSM has long ranked first in Europe.

Rotterdam School of Management emphasizes academic research. It is the number one business school in European research. According to a report from the Financial Times, Rotterdam School of Management’s doctoral research ranks fourth in the world, second only to two American universities and one British university, and ranks first in Europe. The world's first Nobel laureate in economics, Jan Tinbergen, belongs to Rotterdam School of Management.

Rotterdam School of Management has passed the three certifications of the international management education certification system: AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA. Under the aura of the triple crown evaluation, the Rotterdam School of Management continues to be among the best in European and global business school rankings, offering courses including bachelor's, master's, doctoral, MBA and senior executive training courses.

The Rotterdam School of Management puts its intellectual resources into efforts to surpass the frontiers of business knowledge and educate future business leaders. In a globalized, multicultural, and technologically advanced society, rapid changes and complex interdependence can be seen everywhere. Therefore, the school’s goal is to strengthen the corporate body and leaders’ abilities to enable them to understand and cope with the tremendous changes that quickly affect the world.

Since business is a powerful driving force behind social progress and economic development, the role of business leaders in society is becoming increasingly important. Therefore, Rotterdam Management's curriculum is research-oriented and the latest knowledge and skills are closely integrated with business and industry through a concentrated, active and efficient way. It attracts students from all over the world to come for further studies, making the Rotterdam School of Management a veritable name. Cultural melting pot.

List of bachelor and master programs at RSM Rotterdam School of Management in the Netherlands:

Bachelor of Science in International Business Administration:

No other course, like this three-year, English-taught Bachelor of International Business Management course, can make you more comfortable in the field of international business. The Bachelor of International Business Administration (IBA) at the Rotterdam School of Management is a truly international bachelor program that allows you to enter and experience a unique and global learning environment, which is full of different worldviews and wants to change the company The energy radiated by the students of the business model.


Rotterdam School of Management offers a series of master's courses that are not only research-oriented and international, each course has top academic content that combines practical and experiential learning. These courses include:


Master in Management

Accounting & Financial Management

Business Analytics & Management

Business Information Management

Finance & Investments

Global Business & Sustainability

Human Resource Management

International Management / CEMS

Management of Innovation

Marketing Management

Research Master in Business and Management

Strategic Entrepreneurship

Strategic Management

Supply Chain Management

About Erasmus University Rotterdam:

Erasmus University Rotterdam is a world-famous comprehensive university. Founded in 1913, Erasmus University is also one of the top 100 universities in the world. It currently has about 22,000 students, including about 6,000 international students. About 2,700 faculty members have signed academic exchange agreements with more than 200 internationally renowned universities, including Taiwan’s National Chengchi University and Taiwan University. The school’s departments include: School of Economics, School of Management, School of Medicine, School of Law, School of Social Sciences, School of History, Culture and Communication, and School of Philosophy. In addition, the school has more than 20 research institutes that are well-known in their respective professional fields, such as Tinbergen Insititute (co-built with the University of Amsterdam and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), ERIM (co-built by the School of Economics and the School of Management). The school's annual funding reaches 350 million euros.

For more course details, please visit the official website:

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