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Tilburg University

Founded in 1927, Tilburg University is one of the top 100 universities in the world. Founded in 1927, Tilburg University is a Dutch public university located in Tilburg, the sixth largest city in the Netherlands. Its predecessor was a school of economics. Due to its outstanding research capabilities in the field of business, it later developed into a world-leading comprehensive university in the field of social sciences. Tilburg University’s sister schools in Taiwan include: National Taiwan University School of Management and National Chengchi University School of Business.

Tilburg University has five schools, namely the School of Economics and Business Management, the School of Law, the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences, the School of Humanities and the Catholic Theological School. Tilburg University is known for its economics and law disciplines. The School of Economics and Business Management has the longest history and is also the largest among the existing colleges, and it is accredited by AACSB. In addition, Tilburg University and Eindhoven University of Technology TU/e ​​co-founded TIAS Business School.

Tilburg University has reached a new high in the "Business Management" World University Rankings! According to the Shanghai Jiao Tong University World University Business Administration project ranking survey released in 2019, Tilburg University ranked fifth in the world, under the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard University, but surpassed Northwestern University and Columbia University in the United States. Tilburg University's international teaching standards and high-quality economic management courses have attracted more and more students from all over the world to study here.

The school ranks first in European economics and finance, and seventh in the world in the field of theoretical econometrics (leading Harvard University and Oxford University). The curriculum not only focuses on academic learning, but also cultivates students with international-oriented professional experience. After completing their studies, students have an international internship stage. At the same time, students have the opportunity to participate in international student exchange programs and study for a period of time in other schools or countries, so that students can understand different cultures and improve their language skills.

In addition to the well-known economics and econometrics, the law major of Tilburg University also performed well in the publication of papers and works. The American Social Science Research Network (SSRN) collects academic works published by 750 law schools around the world every year. Among them, Tilburg Law School's academic papers are among the best in downloads and citations, and it is rated as one of the best international law schools. Such top academic research capabilities are inseparable from sufficient educational funding. The annual educational budget of Tilburg University is as high as 197 million euros, which guarantees high-level teachers and first-class teaching facilities.

The campus environment of Tilburg University is very special, the teaching area is located next to a forest equivalent to the campus area. Whether it is discussing study or relaxing, this exclusive forest is a good place for students. In addition to a comfortable campus environment, Tilburg University also has a modern library. It is not only fully equipped, but also has a collection of more than 800,000 books, as well as regularly updated online academic resources.

Tilburg is the sixth largest city in the Netherlands, with a population of 200,000, of which about 25,000 are students. It is an important education center in the Netherlands. Tilburg is located in the southern part of the Netherlands, bordering Belgium, between the Port of Rotterdam and Antwerp (a city in northern Belgium), Amsterdam and Brussels. It is a modern medium-sized city and an important transportation hub for the Dutch railway and road network. It only takes a few hours by train or car from Tilburg to other major cities in the Netherlands such as Amsterdam and Brussels, as well as Paris in France and Cologne in Germany. Tilburg is the center of business activities in the Netherlands, and many Dutch domestic and international business activities are held here every year.

The following is a list of courses at Tilburg University:

Bachelor courses:

BSc Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence
BSc Data Science
BSc Econometrics and Operations Research
BSc Economics
LLB Global Law
BSc Global Management of Social Issues
BSc International Business Administration
BA Online Culture: Art, Media and Society
BSc Human Resource Studies
BSc Psychology
BSc Public Governance
BSc International Sociology
BA Theology
University College Tilburg-Liberal Arts and Sciences

Master's course:

Economics & Management:

MSc Accountancy
MSc Business Analytics and Operations Research
MSc Econometrics and Mathematical Economics
MSc Economics
MSc Finance
MSc Information Management
MSc Information Technology for Enterprise Management (ITEM)
MSc International Business Tax Economics
MSc International Management
MSc International Master in Management of IT (IMMIT)
MSc Marketing Analytics
MSc Marketing Management
MSc Quantitative Finance and Actuarial Science
MSc Strategic Management
MSc Supply Chain Management
MSc Research Master in Business
MSc Research Master in Economics

Data Science:

MSc Data Science and Society
MSc Data Science and Entrepreneurship (joint degree)

Communication & Digital Sciences:
MSc Communication and Information Sciences
MSc track Business Communication and Digital Media
MSc track Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence
MSc track Communication and Cognition
MSc track New Media Design
MA Research Master in Language and Communication

Culture Studies:

MA Health Humanities
MA Management of Cultural Diversity
MA Online Culture


MA track Philosophy of Contemporary Challenges
MA track Philosophy of Humanity and Culture


LLB Global Law Fast Track
LLM European Law and Global Risk
LLM International Business Law
LLM International Business Tax Law
LLM International Law and Global Governance
LLM Law and Technology
LLM Labour Law and Employment Relations
MSc Public Governance
MSc Victimology and Criminal Justice

Social & Behavioral Sciences:

MSc Health, Wellbeing and Society
MSc Human Resource Studies
MSc Organization Studies
MSc Social Psychology
MSc Sociology
MSc Research Master in Psychology: Individual Differences and Assessment
MSc Research Master in Social and Behavioral Sciences


MA Christianity and Society

For more information, please refer to the Tilburg University website:

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