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Nyenrode Business University

Nyenrode Business University, founded in 1946, is one of the three most well-known management schools in the Netherlands, alongside the Rotterdam School of Management RSM and TIAS Business School. Nyenrode University is the first and only university in the Netherlands that is jointly funded by the Dutch royal family and large corporate consortia such as Shell, Unilever, Philips, Royal Dutch Airlines, Akzo Nobel and other top Dutch companies.

As one of the oldest prestigious business administration schools in Europe, Nyenrode not only trained many outstanding talents for the Netherlands, but also exported many world-class top business talents for the revival of Europe after World War II, enjoying a high international reputation.

Nyenrode Business University is a prestigious school that focuses on business. In the 2017 European Business School Rankings published by the internationally renowned media "Financial Times", Nyenrode Business University ranks 38th, and its full-time MBA ranks No. 35, MBA ranks 57th. In the two items of international adaptability after graduation and meeting students' expectations, they ranked 4th and 5th respectively.

In addition, Nyenrode Business University has been selected as one of the top 100 business schools in the world for many consecutive years, and it has repeatedly ranked first in the Netherlands for its Master of Business Administration and Senior Manager Training Programs. The school has both EQUIS and AMBA certifications, is a member of the European Management Development Foundation, and maintains close cooperation with many well-known business schools in the world.

The castle campus gathers elites:

The campus of Nyenrode Business University is known to everyone in the Netherlands, because it is so beautiful there! The school is located in a 13th-century castle manor house that has completely preserved its heritage, covering an area of ​​500 acres. In the most aristocratic campus in the Netherlands, you can see fairytale scenery such as towers, moats and suspension bridges. It is difficult for people who visit there to imagine that these landmarks that can be visited by tourists are actually Nyenrode Business University. A view of the campus, this must be one of the most fascinating business schools in the world!

In addition to having an enviable first-class learning environment, modern buildings such as student dormitories are named after major founding companies, such as Philips, Shell, and Unilever. Nyenrode Business University is located in Breukelen, a well-known affluent area on the outskirts of Amsterdam, between Amsterdam and Utrecht, a 20-minute drive from the south of Amsterdam. This position can be described as a real silence.

The school's international MBA course teaching is located on the campus in the center of Amsterdam. The MSc Master of Management program can choose the Brooklyn campus or the campus in the center of Amsterdam.

Nyenrode's educational philosophy is very unique: "created by a company and served for the company" (for business, by business). This makes the whole school full of pragmatic spirit from the inside out. The "entrepreneurship, leadership, and management skills" advocated by the school run through every aspect of the school's study and life, which has allowed Nyenrode to cultivate a large number of international leaders.

Nyenrode can stand out among many business schools because of his down-to-earth business education philosophy. How pragmatic is this school? First of all, the admission of students is very pragmatic. They have always selected the best and most intelligent people who have both management skills and pioneering spirit as students. Secondly, the curriculum is very pragmatic. Nyenrode Business University will be more autonomous and flexible in opening projects. What kind of talents the market needs, their courses can be quickly transformed and positioned around the needs of the market. Furthermore, the selection and appointment of teachers is very pragmatic. All professors and visiting professors have experienced and strong business backgrounds and have strict assessment standards.

This kind of business thinking throughout makes Niyenoord's education more pure. Nyenrode Business University has always attached great importance to cultivating students' social skills, and is also known for its connections and business connections. The school will frequently hold various cocktail parties and activities to facilitate its students to broaden their social circles and get to know more senior people from top companies.

Their alumni association is called the VCV for short. It is very powerful, with more than 30,000 members from more than 100 countries, and most of them are executives and elites. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand why students who graduated from Niyenoord are always easy to get favor in the workplace. This invaluable resource is the greatest wealth a school can give to students.

Ten reasons to choose NBU:

As the most distinctive business university in the Netherlands, Nyenrode Business University is unique. The reason for choosing him is very simple: a golden alumni association; networking and business; social skills; maintaining cooperation with many large companies; training business management skills; enjoying a high reputation in the Netherlands and even Europe; senior professors, small class teaching; fairy tales An ancient castle campus; a quiet location in the middle of noisy.

If you want to get an MBA or continue your studies in the business field, Nyenrode is indeed a good choice.

Famous alumni:

Anthony Bergmans, former chairman of Unilever Wimkok, former prime minister of the Netherlands

Introduction to International Courses:

The teaching location of the international MBA master's program is the Amsterdam campus. During the one-year course, the course starts in September. During the course, you will visit Google's European cities including Copenhagen, Zurich, Barcelona, ​​London and Brussels.

Entrance qualifications:
Three years of work experience are required, not limited to business subjects, any major is acceptable.
IELTS 6.5 or TOEFL 91, not limited to each sub-score.
Choose one of the following tests: GMAT, GRE, or the school online test LTP.
Application deadline: June 1st, the tuition fee is about 32,000 Euros

Master of Management Program

MSc in Management
You can choose one of the following professional fields:
Track 1. Global strategy and sustainable development
Track 2. Digital Business and Innovation
Track 3. Financial management can choose Amsterdam campus or Brooklyn campus
The 18-month course starts in August each year. Admission qualifications:
Major in business management. If the university majors in non-enterprise management, the school will decide whether to participate in the pre-master's course after reviewing the application.
Choose one of the following tests: GMAT, GRE, or the school online test LTP.
IELTS 6.5 or TOEFL 90, no limit to each sub-item score.
Application deadline: June 1st tuition fee is about 29,250 euros

Bachelor of Business Administration

BSc in Business Administration
A total of three years of study, Amsterdam campus starts in August each year. Admission qualifications:
1. The IB qualification of an international high school, or graduated from a college in Taiwan or has completed the first year of university degree. (Taiwan high school diploma is not accepted)
2. It also accepts applications from Taiwanese students who have completed 60 European credits at the Dutch University of Applied Sciences, and must have credits related to mathematics.
Application deadline: June 1st. Tuition fee is about 18,865 Euros per year

Bachelor's Course

BBA New Business & BA (Hons) in Business Management

A total of three years of study

Amsterdam campus

Entrance qualifications starting in August each year : 1. IB qualification from an international high school, or graduated from a Taiwanese college or have completed a first-year university degree. ( Taiwan high school diploma is not accepted) 2. Taiwanese students who have completed 60 European credits in the Netherlands University of Applied Sciences are also accepted. They must have credits related to mathematics.

Application deadline: June 1st. Tuition fee is about 18,865 Euros per year

School website:

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