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European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT): InnoEnergy

"EIT InnoEnergy, the energy research platform of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology Research" combines European innovation forces, unites nine European countries, a total of more than 20 universities and research institutions to establish a European research platform to jointly cultivate energy entrepreneurial talents and promote technological innovation and Industrial Development. EIT InnoEnergy combines industry and education, and students can get the best experience in European business and academia.

About the dual-degree master's program in innovative energy:

EIT InnoEnergy is headquartered in the Netherlands, with offices in Belgium, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Poland and Sweden, Uppsala and Stockholm. EIT InnoEnergy is an EU-funded platform dedicated to the journey of innovation in the field of sustainable energy. It offers 8 different master's courses, which are taught by the top 16 universities of science and technology and business schools in Europe. Students participating in 8 different majors of master's courses led by EIT InnoEnergy will be able to choose two participating European universities during the two-year master's study period. They will also have the opportunity to choose courses from top European business schools and upon graduation Obtained a dual master's degree with extremely high value in today's sustainable energy technology job market.

The EIT InnoEnergy innovative energy research platform promotes innovation and development in the energy field by consolidating enterprises, academia, and scientific and technological research units. It allows individuals or groups with innovative energy concepts to realize their dreams through the provision of funds and resources from different societies and to enable the society to realize their dreams. More progress. The EIT InnoEnergy innovative energy research platform provides a new model of education in the energy field. While combining innovation and business spirit perfectly, students will gain as much knowledge in the energy field as the traditional two-year master's program. For students, on the basis of a deep understanding of the energy challenges in the world today, they will also create a perspective for the development of energy companies.

The list of European universities participating in the EIT InnoEnergy innovative energy research platform is as follows:

Eindhoven University of Technology

University of Leuven, Belgium

Politecnico di Torino, Italy

Royal Institute of Technology

Uppsala University, Sweden

Aalto University, Finland

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany

ESADE Business School, Spain

Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Spain

Lisbon School of Business and Economics, Portugal

Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon, Portugal

AGH University of Technology, Poland

Silesian University of Technology

Polytechnic Institute of the University of Paris-Sales, France

Grenoble School of Management

Grenoble Institute of Technology, France

The list of 8 master's courses with different majors led by the EIT InnoEnergy innovative energy research platform is as follows:

Master's in Renewable Energy

Master's in Energy for Smart Cities

Master's in Environomical Pathways for Sustainable Energy Systems

Master's in Smart Electrical Networks and Systems

Master's in Energy Technologies

Master's in Energy Storage

Master's in Nuclear Energy

Master's in Energy Transition

Advantages of EIT InnoEnergy innovative energy research platform:

1. High-quality education: a large number of excellent universities, research centers, experts and professors in Europe are assembled.

2. Generous scholarships: excellent scholars will receive full tuition waiver, half tuition waiver, monthly living allowance, and other scholarships.

3. Emphasize innovation: realize innovative ideas and pay attention to innovation all the time.

4. Emphasize the commercialization of technology: Students can take courses in business and entrepreneurship for a certain amount of credits, and encourage and guide students to commercialize technology.

5. Rich internship opportunities: Students have many opportunities to participate in laboratory research or corporate internships.

6. Cross-cultural communication: Students need to complete their studies in two schools. In addition, they need to participate in summer school and exchange ideas with different people to make progress together.

This may be the best dual master's degree program in Europe. The 8 major energy-related fields are open for applications. What are you waiting for?

Curriculum arrangement: Students need to complete their studies in two of the partner universities and obtain a double master's degree after graduation. The course has a total of 120 European credits, including 30 credits for thesis.

The tuition fee is 18,000 Euros per year.

Entrance requirements: graduated from the relevant department of the university (not strictly recognized as the major, and will be judged based on the relevant credits taken), the English test TOEFL average 92 (writing no less than 22) or IELTS 6.5 (no less than each individual item) 5.5) and above.

EIT InnoEnergy Scholarship:

1. Academic Excellence Scholarship:

The full scholarship includes full tuition for two years and a living allowance of 750 Euros per month during the school year.

2. Energy Impact Scholarships:

There are three kinds of scholarships of different amounts: 36,000 Euros (meaning 18,000 Euros per year tuition reduction), 26,000 Euros (meaning 13,000 Euros per year tuition reduction); 16,000 Euros (meaning 8,000 Euro tuition reductions per year).

For admission and scholarship application deadlines and related information, please visit:

About the background of the establishment of the "European Institute of Innovation and Technology" EIT:

As an important economic body in the world, the European Union proposed the establishment of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology in October 2006 to promote economic development, technological innovation, and attract talents. The European Commission believes that in order for the EU to become the most competitive alliance in the world, it must have a center that can attract global elites, and the most effective way is to establish Europe's top technical research institutes.

By attracting the most talented students and researchers in Europe and the world, the European Institute of Innovation and Technology Research promotes scientific research and innovation in the European Union. In November 2007, the European Parliament and the European Council of Ministers reviewed and approved a plan to establish the European Institute of Innovation and Technology Research.

The European Institute of Innovation and Technology Research EIT was founded by the European Union in 2008. The academy is committed to promoting sustainable development and competitiveness in Europe by improving innovation capabilities. It currently enjoys a high reputation in Europe and the world, integrating education and research and development. , Bringing together the best European scientific research experts and corporate R&D personnel, and strive to promote European technological innovation, especially in the industrial field.

EIT is committed to cultivating a new generation of innovators and entrepreneurs. Its philosophy lies in the realization of the following three transformations: the transformation from ideas to products, the transformation from the laboratory to the market, and the transformation from students to entrepreneurs. EIT is a consortium that gathers many European companies, universities, and research centers. While providing students with high-quality education, it also provides students with abundant laboratory research and corporate internship opportunities.

EIT promotes innovation and entrepreneurship by establishing knowledge and innovation communities to link higher education, scientific research, and business. EIT brings together many well-known European universities of science and technology, and offers English-taught master's courses and doctoral studies, grants generous scholarships, attracts outstanding talents from all over the world, in order to enhance Europe’s innovative vitality, drive European economic development, and enhance European competition force.

The following are the four most popular master's programs of EIT InnoEnergy's innovative energy research platform:

•Master's in Renewable Energy: This is the fastest growing major in the sustainable energy industry. EIT InnoEnergy will provide you with the opportunity to study in Portugal, Spain, France or Sweden. In addition, this master's degree program also combines business management courses offered by ESADE Business School in Spain.

•Master's in Energy Technologies: This course will give you the opportunity to develop at the core of the energy transition in Germany. In addition to the innovation and entrepreneurship courses offered by professors from the UnternehmerTUM accelerator of the Technical University of Munich, you will have the opportunity to study in top universities in Germany, France, Portugal and Sweden.

•Master's in Energy for Smart Cities: Provides you with the opportunity to experience first-hand how cities such as Amsterdam, Antwerp, Barcelona and Andorra are leading the energy transition. In addition to these study visits, you will also have the opportunity to study at the University of Leuven in Belgium (ranked number one and most innovative university in Europe), KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden, Polytechnic University of Catalonia in Spain or Gele in France Noble INP study.

•Master´s in Sustainable Energy Systems: Gives you the opportunity to study practical projects in society and provide sustainable energy solutions for global communities. You will be able to choose 2 of the 7 European Polytechnic Universities to study and participate in entrepreneurship courses offered by ESADE Business School in Spain.

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