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Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen

Founded in 1798, the Hans University of Applied Sciences Groningen, the Netherlands, is the oldest national university of applied sciences in the Netherlands and the largest university of applied sciences in the north of the Netherlands.

There are also many world-renowned companies here, such as Royal Dutch Shell Group, Philips Electronics, Unilive, Aknobel, etc. Because it is close to the North Sea, it is a key area for the Dutch government to establish offshore power generation, and it is also a Dutch energy source. The important town of the company has allowed the European Union Energy Association to set up the Energy Academy here to provide abundant sustainable energy teaching resources.

At present, the school is among all Dutch universities of applied science and technology, with diversified and industrial application courses, attracting the most Taiwanese international students and exchange students to study. Hans International Affairs Center also provides comprehensive support and services for Taiwanese students studying in the region.

Hans University of Applied Sciences has first-class teachers, complete equipment and an excellent international reputation. The school has established a wide range of cooperation networks in the business and education circles in the Netherlands and Germany, and has established long-term sister school exchanges with more than 80 universities around the world, such as the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and the French ESSEC Higher Business School.

Hans University of Applied Sciences also has the largest number of sister schools in Taiwan among all universities in the Netherlands, including: National Chengchi University, National Taipei University, National Central University, National Taipei University of Technology, National Taipei University of Commerce, Soochow University, Feng Chia University, Providence University, Practice University, etc.

The three major research and development directions of Hans University of Applied Sciences are: enterprise innovation management, sustainable energy management, and healthy aging care. Among them, related courses such as corporate management, international communication, sustainable energy, and art design are the most popular among Taiwanese students. This is mainly because the courses cooperate with other universities in Europe. Students can not only have the experience of studying in multiple countries, but most courses are also required. Internship in the industry in order to complete the graduation thesis.

Hans University of Applied Sciences is one of the most comprehensive and largest applied science and technology universities in the Netherlands. It has more than 2,700 faculty members and more than 25,000 Dutch and international students from more than 90 different countries, forming a unique multiculturalism. Campus learning environment. In order to promote school development and reward students' academic performance, Hans University of Applied Sciences has established a variety of scholarships and grants for international students.

The main colleges are:

School of Business Administration

School of Sustainable Energy Management

School of International Communication

School of Science and Engineering

art design college

School of Architecture and Design

music Academy

Groningen, where the school is located, is the fifth largest city in the Netherlands. It is also the economic, cultural, and educational center of the north of the Netherlands. It attracts students every year and is also a vibrant university city. Among the 170,000 residents of the city, there are 35,000 students, and half of the population is under the age of 35, full of youthful vigor. Here, the perfect fusion of classic and trendy, tranquility and excitement is the source of new ideas and the birthplace of technological innovation.

The city center offers many leisure activities. You can enjoy shopping, spend leisurely time in restaurants, or visit the bars on the streets around the city center. The city center is also known as "The Grote Markt". Sports are the main axis of Groningen's life. Here you have many opportunities to watch or participate in many sports, among which football, skating and cycling are the most popular.

Similarly, there are numerous theaters, song and dance performances, theaters, jazz clubs, and cinemas in the urban area, making cultural entertainment not scarce. Groningen is not only clean, safe, and relatively cheap, but almost everywhere in the city can be reached within 15 minutes by bicycle.

In addition, Hans University of Applied Sciences has won a number of national firsts in the Netherlands in the latest U-Multirank of the EU World University Rankings announced in 2018:

Proportion of graduate alumni start-up companies-No. 6 in the world and No. 1 in the Netherlands

Regional joint publication-No. 7 in the world, No. 1 in the Netherlands

Our school is ranked among the top 25 in the world for applied research in the U-Multirank 2016 ranking.

In the process of studying at Hans University of Applied Sciences, you can not only learn knowledge, but also participate in project work and internships to solve practical business problems. The school has low tuition fees, a strong cultural atmosphere, and more security in terms of public security, making it more suitable for international students to study and live.

For details, please see the official website:

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