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NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences

NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences is a public university in the Netherlands. It is most famous for hotel management, tourism and leisure service management, international enterprise, media and entertainment industry management. Among them, "International Hotel Management" ranked third in Europe and eighth in the world; and "Media and Entertainment Industry Management" ranked first among Dutch schools for many years.

NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences has more than 10,000 students, of which 2,500 are from 60 different countries. The school has an international teaching environment, advanced and stylish teaching facilities, there is also a standard four-star hotel, so that students can work internships in the hotel to gain practical experience. The school pioneered the combination of theory and practice in PBL discussion and heuristic learning methods in the Netherlands, using group discussions supplemented by internships so that students can quickly combine basic knowledge with practice.

NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences has maintained long-term good teaching partnerships with well-known companies in more than 45 countries (such as Hilton Group, Heineken Beer, ABN ABN AMRO, French Disney, Apple, etc.), providing students with opportunities for paid internships .

NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences is one of the few Dutch universities with overseas campuses, including Bali, Bangkok, Qatar, and South Africa. Students can not only choose to do exchange studies in branch schools, but also choose to participate in exchange programs with 90 partner universities around the world, and choose internships in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

Introduction to all master's courses:


Master's degree in International Hospitality and Service Management

The course is 14 months

1. Selected as the best hotel management master in the Netherlands.

2. You will receive training in strategic management positions to help develop organizational structure, strategic processes and corporate culture from the perspective of the customer.

3. You will receive expert training in 14 months, with a total of four ten-week courses.

4. You can expand your education through international internships or gain real-life work experience while studying at Stenden Hotel. Stenden Hotel is a four-star hotel owned and operated by Stenden and serves as a training place for its students.

5. You will participate in various pedagogy courses, including seminars, workshops, lectures, group assignments and guest lectures.

Tuition fee: 11,800 euros

Entrance requirements: accept applications from cross-field students.

Master's degree in International Leisure and Tourism Studies

The course is 12 months

1. Selected as one of the best master's programs of the Dutch Applied University.

2. You will explore theories related to leisure and tourism (in the past), discuss current cases (in the present), and use scenario planning as a tool to identify future trends and developments (in the future).

3. Courses include different educational methods such as seminars, workshops, lectures, group tasks and guest lectures.

4. You will learn how to develop a research plan and how to collect and analyze data.

Tuition fee: 11,800 euros

Entrance requirements: accept applications from cross-field students.

Master's degree in Content & Media Strategy

This is the only master's program in the Netherlands that focuses on content and media strategy. It will train you to become a content and media strategist, including: brand management, business strategy, digital marketing, etc. The development of digital media and the subsequent changes in consumer behavior have forced traditional communication theories and applications to be insufficient. This course was developed in close cooperation with the industry and can handle real-life cases in it.

The course is 12 months

Tuition fee: 11,800 euros

Entrance requirements: accept applications from cross-field students.

List of all bachelor courses:

Entrance requirements: accept a Taiwanese high school diploma.

Tuition fee: Approximately 7,975 Euros per year

1. International Hotel Management

2. Tourism Management

3. Leisure Management

4. Media and Entertainment Management

5. Information Technology

6. International Applied Business Administration

7. International Business and Language

8. International Business and Management Studies

9. International Logistics Management

10. Marketing

11. International Teacher Education in Primary Schools

The English requirements for all bachelor's and master's programs adopt the same standard:

IELTS 6 points, but no less than 5 points in each sub-item.

TOEFL score of 550, or computer test 213 points, or Internet test 80 points.

TOIEC scores are also acceptable.

Those who do not meet the standard of English can participate in English prerequisite courses.

For more details, please refer to the school's official website:

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