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Utrecht University

Utrecht University, founded in 1636, is located in Utrecht, a transportation hub in the Netherlands. It is the largest in the Netherlands and one of the best research universities in Europe. It is known as the "European Ivy League" and is a European An important member of the research university alliance (including the University of Cambridge and the University of Oxford, etc.).

Utrecht University has always been well-known in Europe for its strong research strength, high-quality education standards, and good academic reputation. The school’s sister schools in Taiwan include: National Taiwan University and Chengchi University.

Utrecht University has 7 faculties, namely: Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Law, Economics and Management, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Earth Sciences, Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, and Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. It is the most comprehensive curriculum in the Netherlands. the University.

Since 1901, a total of 12 scientists and scholars from Utrecht University have won the Nobel Prize in Science, covering fields such as physics, chemistry, economics, physiology, and medicine.

Utrecht University ranks 68th in the world in the 2018 Times World University Rankings. In addition, among the best universities in the world published by Shanghai Jiao Tong University for higher education, Utrecht University is ranked 47th in the world, 9th in Europe, and first in the Netherlands.

The school’s sustainable development research is ranked first in the world in the special field of "Climate Change and Ecological Environment Research" selected by the Times Higher Education in the United Kingdom, surpassing Harvard University (ranked fourth) and Stanford University (ranked second) in the United States.

Utrecht City:

Utrecht is less than 30 minutes away from Amsterdam by car, and other major European cities such as London, Paris and Berlin are only a few hours away. This relatively small but historical city, coupled with the unique canal wharf and underground caves, often makes tourists linger and wander in the abundance of art and entertainment culture. There are numerous museums in Utrecht, allowing local residents and tourists to enjoy the historical changes over the past century. In addition, Utrecht is also a famous festival capital. Being in this bustling city makes people unconsciously busy!

Utrecht University and Utrecht City have jointly created an environment suitable for students to study. There is an active student community in Utrecht, which provides many opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities. The International Cultural Center Parnassos provides many cultural facilities and a gathering place for foreign guests. Even in Utrecht, the school will make foreign guests, students and staff feel at home. In the Olympus Sports Center on campus, teachers and students can engage in many different sports, from mountain climbing to indoor football, from playing bridge to cycling, and of course enjoy student discounts.


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