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The Hague University of Applied Sciences & The Hague Pathway College

The Hague University of Applied Sciences is located in the city centre of The Hague, the administrative and law enforcement capital of the Netherlands. The Hague is one of the greenest cities in Europe, with plenty of activities and leisure facilities. The Hague is a place suitable for living, working, and a good environment for studying. With colorful nightlife, reasonably priced restaurants, the only official "Chinatown" in the Netherlands, and Scheveningen seaside resort, it is your best choice to learn from the international learning experience.

For centuries, The Hague has been the capital of diplomacy and international relations. Being here, you can receive first-hand news on international trade, law and diplomacy. United Nations organizations such as the International Court of Justice, the Organization for the Restriction of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) and European Union organizations such as the European Police Organization (Europol) and the European Patent Office (EPO) have established their headquarters in or near The Hague. In addition, in cities full of history with the International Criminal Court and war crimes courts, there are about 80 international companies and several multinational companies that have established their headquarters here, such as Shell and Total. ), and British Petroleum (BP) and so on. The spirit, vitality and ideals of these international organizations can be seen everywhere on and off campus.

The Hague University of Applied Sciences: the cradle of professionals

The Hague University of Applied Sciences expects students to be active, independent and self-inspired. Not only to learn, but to actually do it! In the professional field, students are based on the teaching and training provided by the school, aiming at the practical issues of daily life, in a project-based way, in order to complete their own works. Students can fine-tune their curriculum planning according to their personal goals. We give students the assistance they need, such as career counseling and study courses. However, students are still the decision makers who will lead their future development.

Teaching policy:


We believe that knowledge can be shared-not only with our students, but also with the world. We are always looking for new opportunities to exchange knowledge with people in other places, and we are also educating students with the same philosophy.



It is not enough to have specialized knowledge. You also need to understand how to use your knowledge, how to transform and apply it to real situations. Our students must not only sit and think, but learn to act. Practical experience and the ability to think independently are the major topics for students to learn here.


To develop new thinking, one must know how to observe the thinking and viewpoints of others. The Hague Professional University believes that diversity is an essential element for progress. We exchange different views through multicultural debate and cooperation.

School life

The campus of The Hague University of Applied Sciences is adjacent to the water on all sides, which is unique in the city of The Hague. There is also a large atrium with a large glass ceiling on the campus. About 17,000 students and more than 1,600 students pass by this place every day. There are many works of art scattered across the campus, including paintings, sculptures, and photographs. The Hague University of Applied Sciences is proud of its large collection of modern art and likes to share it with the world. This makes the campus atmosphere of The Hague University of Applied Sciences even more special. There are always many activities going on here every day, including celebrations, social gatherings, conferences and seminars at home and abroad.

Amazing facilities

On the campus, there is a magnificent library, computer equipment, media studios and laboratories to assist students in their studies. There are also several restaurants, affiliated sports facilities and student clubs on campus to help students relax and meet new friends in their spare time. The Hague Specialty University also has an international office and a student accommodation office to provide assistance for students to settle down in the Netherlands. Both Amsterdam International Airport (Schiphol) and Rotterdam Airport are within 30 minutes by car or train.

Cultural calendar

The Hague University of Applied Sciences provides a young, busy and multicultural community. Whether it’s the Chinese New Year’s dragon and lion dance, watching a creative fashion show or participating in a lively debate, students can always find something to do in the atrium corridor of the school. This is also a good place for students to participate in activities and enjoy leisure and entertainment. Students can play music here, do something different, and even meet good friends for a lifetime. .


International level

The Hague University of Applied Sciences is the most international university of applied sciences in the Netherlands. The school’s 17,000 students and staff come from more than 100 different countries. And such cultural diversity is our strongest and beneficial resource. Real innovation comes from the exchange of powerful ideas and opinions. The job opportunities offered by our school for graduates are becoming more and more international, even when working in the Netherlands. The International Court of Justice, numerous embassies and multinational corporations in the area contribute to the vibrant and multicultural environment of The Hague.

Bachelor's course: study time is 3-4 years

European Studies

International communication management

international firms

International financial management and control

International Sports Management

Safety and security management

Industrial Design Engineering

User experience design

Food Technology

International Law and European Union Law

International Public Administration

Master's course: 12 months of study time

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

MSc in International Financial Management & Control

Master of International Communication Management (MA in International Communication Management)

Preparatory course at The Hague University of Applied Sciences: 12 months

The Hague University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands provides preparatory courses for Taiwanese high school students to join the university’s three-year university bachelor’s course. This is one of the few courses held on the campus of the Netherlands Applied University, and the entire course is studied on the campus of the school.


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