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Online consultation with university representatives


Students and parents who are interested in participating in the online consultation call with university representatives in the Netherlands, please complete the registration online (please click on the image above), and we will notify more details three days before the event.

Meeting the Staff
Online consulting services for studying in the Netherlands

Any questions about studying in the Netherlands, including school selection, course selection, scholarships, preparation before departure, etc., are welcome to ask. Please do not use indecent words, or involve personal attacks, or any remarks that violate social goodness and customs and are not related to studying in the Netherlands.

How to choose courses and apply

Whether you are looking for a bachelor's degree or a bachelor's and graduate degree program, the online Dutch course search database has included information about each course one by one, allowing you to search freely in the online database without having to go out. You can also find suitable courses for you at home, which is very convenient and time-saving.

Holland Education Association in Taiwan


Holland Education Association in Taiwan provides services to all students who want to study in the Netherlands. The main channel is to publish the latest information through our website and Facebook page, and to handle all activities related to studying in the Netherlands. The following is our service content:

  1. Provide various information about studying in the Netherlands, including school information, application forms, local life and cultural differences, etc.

  2. Provide professional and fair and objective consulting services.

  3. Provide information on applying for bachelor's courses, master's courses, short-term (summer) courses and doctoral research.

  4. Hold Dutch school briefings, entrance interviews and pre-departure briefings, and arranged for school representatives to give lectures and interviews.

  5. Provide pre-departure student visa application information.

  6. Provide scholarship information.

  7. Cooperate with universities and libraries across the country to hold lectures on studying in the Netherlands.

  8. Provide relevant assistance to Dutch alumni.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us:

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